Don’t Let the World BEat You Down

Am I second fiddle, or is a flute, or the horn, drowning me?
We all have purpose in this orchestra of life. Though, often we are distracted from the beauty we hold in our ability.

1) God made no junk. Even the people who go awry are loved. In fact, surveys will show, maybe already you have experienced, that at some time in our life, even we, the infallible, might go awry!

God gives us this wonderful/horrible gift of choice. And all people make choices in life. Some are good; some are not as good. And our choices affect others around us. Other’s choices affect us. Sometimes slightly, sometimes significantly. Often in ways that are more important than we might think. Most will agree that a myriad of choices affect our rules for living, our behaviors, and the meanings we give to parts of life we encounter. Sometimes hurtful or disappointing times of life seem to rule our day. How do we put on those “big girl panties”? or “cowboy up”?

2) With all this influence, within and surrounding us, we churn it, spurn it, and turn it, to choose the meaning we give to certain people, places, things, and their associated events. Very many people have a tendency to lean toward negative, or disabling, or a numbing meaning, to many of the choices available around us, and also, to the choices we choose.

Animals can show us how we feel. They reflect what they see in us.
Heard enough! Seen enough! Thought enough!

They have been told to conform in early school. They have been influenced by advertising. They have seen way too much bad news of the world on TV, in radio, magazines and newspaper. They have had their heart broken at least once by a “steady”, a spouse, a child, a parent, a neighbor, or a stranger. They have tried, or know someone who has tried a business and it did not go. Or they have been subjected to layoffs, downsizing, and market downturns.

With this experience, they look for why things will not work, or what is going wrong, or maybe I am not good enough, or maybe that one is not good enough for me. They change minds about what and why they want to follow, if they even make goals or commitments. They are told they are part of a disposable society and they live it. Often called pessimists or realists, these people are right more often than not! But their choices usually lead them into lives of mediocrity, of average; most times of less than their potential. Disappointments often come true to them because their neurological and linguistic pathways direct them to the subjects of their focus. What we focus upon, our minds find a way to make come true. However, there are many examples of how a pessimistic partner has saved family finances, or much wasted time, by being extremely cautious, or having a feeling of “something is not right”.

Others may choose more of a “pie in the sky” thinking, Pollyanna prognosis. And even though science and psychology have shown that an optimistic outlook will almost always benefit you in several ways, too much hoping without focus or proper action, will drive you into failures and problems by not looking close enough at all the facts before diving in. People bent toward optimism find that their meaning behind experience has been: that doing more seems to have them feel independent from the “crowd”. They truly have looked at life experiences and sorted through, that they want more, the best.

Often the hope of having and the process of doing, more than success found, spur them onward. They believe they can accomplish more than they might have ability to accomplish. Still, this optimism will have people trying harder and more often than their pessimistic counterparts. And, because they try harder, and longer, and more, they usually do find a measure of success and happiness in their life. Hope for happiness often comes because they are looking for ways to be better, have more, and follow their dreams. It is the process, more than the achievement, though we often may not fully understand this.

Often this person will think they can undertake several projects until they reach a point of not being able to complete any of them very well. Or they start off running toward goals, without proper direction of which way to run. Their disappointments do not come to disillusionment of their abilities, but with the many attempts before finding success at something. While they feel they are spinning their wheels, they are looking for that one slight edge to put them over the top. Or they did great at starting up something, but cannot maintain momentum needed to continue course.

Chess, like life, can absorb all you have to offer.
Seems, if I focus only on what I see, something moves unexpectantly.

They focus on one aspect of their life so intensely and intently, that other areas will suffer for a time. There is a tendency to not get enough advice before diving into a project, or relationship. Or to trudge forward when all advice is against a project they deem doable. This is not all bad. Thomas Edison found over 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb work.

Often, people would greatly benefit by combining one’s ongoing optimism with the careful practicality of a pessimist friend, partner or associate. The issue is sometimes though, that one will sometimes drive the other crazy! So, perhaps we can learn to re-examine the best of both worlds.

Either we find a relatable counterpart to balance our experiences and expectations, or we learn to balance our mindsets, so that we can reach realistic, though buoyant, cheerful, positive outcomes.

Both types of personality will want the best for themselves and their families, and their business. Both are often struggling against their nature, when they could be using their inherent dispositions as helpful benefits toward goals and dreams.

A life coach should, listen to you, the whole person, understanding the surrounding environment of your living space, and presenting doable strategies, thus opening alternate possibilities into life. That coach becomes a supportive partner to add more positive, productive, emotional meaning into your endeavors.

Allowing the character of your person to bring partnership with the coach, in evaluation of achievable goals, and in determinate assessment of which directions to endeavor, (helping to make right choices based on your feelings and meanings, while keeping you headed toward your most worthwhile goals), will enable & maintain some balance in your life. (Was this wording confusing & hard to read?) Then, a life coach helps you focus on your goals in achievable bites.

Even in daylight, a lamp can throw differing perspective, adding depth, and amazement.
Even in daylight, a lamp can throw differing perspective, adding depth, and amazement.

A life coach encourages you, shows you methods, to enjoy the process of living, while reaching the dreams of your desires, with due caution and realistic expectation that may go beyond your present dreams.

Ever watched “Shark Tank”? People with ideas come to pitch ideas to astute business coaches. Watching the follow-through episodes, you see that with coaching from the experience of the “Sharks”, these entrepreneurs go farther than they hoped, in less time than imagined. Direction and focus, as well as capital is provided. All benefit. All grow.

One of the first steps to a better, more balanced life is to know why you want what you want. Then to discover what you really want. Because the adventure of becoming what you want is the part of life that gives you growth, you can enjoy the trip to success more than the destination. And as you venture with direction, you may find your true passion , which may or not be what you first thought you wanted. And then to formulate plans and carry out a system toward making your passionate dreams come true, will give you the attraction to bring others into your focus. Together, you give meaning to lives.

3) You were put here, at this time, in your place, for a purpose. God states that he would rather we not be lukewarm in our commitments. He likes full-fledged relationship! But he does advise caution and wisdom and discernment. Our present is not determined by our past. But our future may be enhanced by ways we discover to enjoy the present.

Simple joy. A time to reflect. Learn from the breath and the bursting of floating bubbles.
Simple joy. A time to reflect. Learn from the breath and the bursting of floating bubbles.

And a “key” to enhancement of your potential is finding joy in your present.

Believe In yourself. AND, use the knowledge and wisdom of those who have specialized in areas in which you need strength. I have enjoyed several seminars and participated in panel discussions that tell us that we should concentrate on our strengths, rather than concentrate on our weaknesses. We follow our focus. Philosophers throughout the centuries have told us to know our self, and to our self, be true.

So, knowing that all of the above is true, and proven over time; knowing that your time is best utilized by multiplication of efforts rather than by trading hours for dollars; knowing that you really are not failing, but living, in a prepared state of discovery… know that you are a person of worth and value! Your God loves you.

Find a coach that can relate, with which you can have rapport. And allow his/her networking of finely tuned coaching skills, contacts and experiences to enhance your lifestyle. Balance in life is not always easy. But it can be made easier. It can be learned and practiced in practical manner. Would you like to enjoy more harmony as you live? You definitely can. So, if a part, or parts, of your life, are not everything you want them to be, let’s get together.

Three of the most sought after desires on most people’s wish lists are: 1) Not enough time. 2) Relationships are not where we want them to be. 3) Not enough money. Life coaching is available to: Take advantage of leveraging time. Discover or rediscover passion in your relationships. Improve alternatives and possibilities to bring more secure finances your way.

So, Let’s make a plan together. Surprisingly, often, these three “wish list” endeavors will work together to enhance life. Like a three legged stool, like a triangular structure, there is stability in balance. Properly assessing one area under improvement will usually begin making other areas much more manageable too.

Rather than feeling left behind in some aspects, or confused about which way to turn, or cynical toward your hopes, learn to use each of the important life channels of inclusion to feel like you are that Child of God you were born to be!

Overnight, the flowers bloom. Or was it months of preparation, and faith, and just the right warmth?
Overnight, the flowers bloom. Or was it months of preparation, and faith, and just the right warmth?