Merry Christmas – My wish for You.


Well, it is again the merry time of year.

Dec 24th, today. And this day we celebrate everything from family, to Christ. There is always something to be thankful for, and always something to regret. For those of you who are sharing family and friends, I advise you to pull out the Scriptures and take at least 30 minutes of your day to remind yourself that Love came down to mankind.

Just like willpower is usually not enough in itself to accomplish, so our separation from God is such that God himself sent our Messiah to honor both God and man. In Beginnings, we learn that God made us after the image of the holy ones. God also gave us choice.

To have someone stick around because they have no other options at the time might satisfy something in some people. But, when someone is staying with us because it is their choice, that is very very special. And we feel that special sense we call love. This is evident in our marital relationships, our deepest friendships, and especially with our God.

We make Him proud when we “worship” Him, His Son, and the Spirit of God sent to be with us for all time. We make Him proud when we do for others beyond a “call of duty”. Generosity toward someone else is another one of those things that will make the best feelings appear within us. Not doing something, so something will be done back. Going beyond that! Doing something good because we can, and we want to, and nobody will ever know but us, or if they do find out, still giving credit to another who taught us this fantastic generosity, loving enough to separate the classes, the colors, the ages, the differences, and finding similarity in that we are really all quite alike.

This year, I was introduced to several Muslim faith followers. None of which were radical. Conversation with one was an invitation to share our similarities. Conversation with the others were along the lines of – we were all engaged in education in order to help other people in their relationships. No, Jesus didn’t become the center of our conversation. Neither did Mohammed. But groundwork of friendship was begun so that we can later discuss salvation. You wouldn’t push too fast toward an exciting new date would you? Naaahh. If we can remember to love people, then influence them, we will have a lot less stress than otherwise.

See, this happened earlier, over the last 6 years, with some Jewish friends. Now I enjoy Passover more, and Hanukkah, and candles, and … Turns out most of them are Messianic. I even read a story of a group from a synagogue who took over a Christmas meal program for a Methodist church. Over 300 served by 3:00 afternoon. “Y’all go home & enjoy your holiday. We got this for you!” One of these ladies, I met through another close friend, introduced me to an easier way to understand the Hebrew language. Aleph-Bette has been a challenge & fun. I like reading. And I like reading the footnotes and explanations of wisdom scriptures from several sources, including Tanakh.

We have differences. God likes some variety. Look around. You know He does. SO whether family, spouse, neighbor, or affiliation, let’s learn to relish the diversity. Let’s learn to befriend, then debate. Let’s learn to play soccer rather than playing war. I don’t have all the answers to life’s questions. What I do have is love to give. What I can do is ask questions to learn more depth. What I can see is the heart of people. What I can hear, is what is voiced between the syllables. What I can feel is tremendous! My Gift to you this year would be to encourage everyone to enjoy each other. Take the challenge of giving your presence, listening with all you have, and learning all you can. People will find you much more interesting, and then listen more carefully to you, if you give them the benefit of being heard, and felt, and seen as worthy.

Merry Christmas to you all. Remember, You are a person of worth and value. I love you & God loves You.


Love is kind, Love is patient, Love is the chief basis for relationship. Love is the Gift from God that we are to give to each other.
Love is kind, Love is patient, Love is the chief basis for relationship. Love is the Gift from God that we are to give to each other.