Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Curriculum

This is the premier Relationship Enhancement program for couples. It allows you to learn to be Masters of your Relationship, in a respectful, comfortable environment.

Workbooks for each partner so each can journal thoughts, and share as you prefer.
All the materials you need are included with the workshop.

Thought I’d let you see the “plan of action”. One Module per class is to be covered. Fun exercises, and interesting topics are discussed. From over 4000 couples and 40 years of scientific study, this course blends what you need to know to implement those Wisdoms of Scriptural Relationship.


Gottman  The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work workshop                7PP Curriculum
Taking a Modular Approach for multiple class dates.

Module A – Chapters 1,2,3  The Research Foundation of The Seven Principles
Welcome & Introductions with class goals & format explanations
Lecture Covers:
Chapter 1 – Inside the Seattle Love Lab: The Truth About Happy Marriages
Chapter 2 – What Does Make Marriage Work?
Chapter 3 – How I Predict Divorce
Video of Dr Gottman discussing the Four Horsemen
Fun Assignments to enjoy for the next class

Module B – Chapter 4   Principle 1: Enhance Your Love Maps
Review chapters 1,2,3
Lecture Covers:
Advantages of Understanding Each Other’s World.
Exercise 1: Love Maps 20 Questions Game
Game Instructions
Role Play how NOT to & how TO do the Exercise
Play Time (couples do exercise)
Process the exercise
Exercise 2:  Asking Open Ended Questions
Instructions explained, Q&A
Couples enjoy the exercise
Summary,  can include Assignment

Module C – Chapter 5, 6  Principle 2: Nurture Your Fondness & Admiration
Review thus far
Lecture Covers :
The Magnitude of Fondness & Admiration
Exercise 3: Cherishing Your Partner
Exercise Instructions
Role Play how NOT to & how TO do the Exercise
Play Time (couples do exercise)
Process the exercise
Assignment : Exercise 4 – A Seven Week Course in Fondness & Admiration
Principle 3: Turn Toward Each Other Instead of Away
Lecture 1: Turning Toward
Exercise 2:  The Stress Reducing Conversation
Exercise Instructions, Q&A
Role Play how NOT to & how TO do the Exercise
Play Time (couples do exercise)
Process the exercise
Lecture 2: Coping with Your Partner’s Sadness, Fear & Anger

Module D – Chapter 7   Principle 4: Let Your Partner Influence You
Review Principles one through three – The Friendship Foundation of Marriage
Make up time from past classes or provide a more extensive review
Lecture Covers:
Benefits of Accepting Influence from Your Partner
Exercise 1: Yield to Win – Group Exercise
Exercise 2: Island Survival Game
Game Instructions,  Q&A
Play Time (couples do exercise)
Process the exercise

Module E – Chapter 8   Two Kinds of Marital Conflict
Lecture:  Two Kinds of Marital Conflict – Diversity, Polarity, Inevitability
Group Exercise:  Telling the Difference Between Solvable & Perpetual Problems
Questionnaire:  Assessing Your Marital Conflicts
Give Instructions, Q&A
Play Time (couples do exercise)
Process the exercise
Lecture:  The Keys to Managing Conflict
(Possible Assignment)


Module F – Chapter 9   Principle 5: Solve Your Solvable Problems
Lecture:  Step 1 – Soften Your Startup
Exercise 1:  Softened Startup Group Exercise
Lecture: Step 2 – Learn to Make and Receive Repair Attempts
Lecture:  Step 3 – Soothe Yourself & Each Other
Exercise 2:  Self-Soothing – Group Exercise
Lecture:  Step 4 – Compromise
Exercise4:  Finding Common Ground
Exercise Instructions
Role Play how to do the exercise
Couples work on a Solvable Problem
Process the exercise

Module G – Chapter 10  Coping with Typical Solvable Problems
Lecture:  Unplugging From Distractions
Quiz:  Electronic Distractions with Discussion
Lecture:  The Problem with Porn
Lecture:  Stress & More Stress
Lecture:  Relations with In-laws
Exercise:  In-law Problems
Lecture:  Money, Money, Money
Step 1:  Itemize Your Current Expenditures
Step 2:  Manage Your Everyday Finances
Step 3:  Plan Your Financial Future
Lecture:  Housework
Who Does What List
Lecture:  Becoming Parents
Lecture:  Sex
Quiz:  Quality of Sex, Romance, & Passion in the Relationship
Lecture:  5 Ways to Make Sex More Personal & Romantic
Lecture:  Refusing Sex Gently and Coping with “No”
(This class may be the most fully filled use of the time allotted)

Module H – Chapter 11  Principle 6: Overcome Gridlock
General Review – Flooding & Self Soothing
Lecture:  Overview & The Nature of Dreams
Exercise 1:  Detecting Dreams – Group Exercise
Lecture:  Working on a Gridlocked Issue
Role Play Demonstration
Couples work on a Gridlocked Issue
Process the exercise
Module I – Chapter 12   Principle 7:  Create Shared Meaning
Pillar One:  Rituals for Connection
Pillar Two:  Support for Each Other’s Roles
Pillar Three:  Shared Goals
Pillar Four:  Shared Values & Symbols
Exercise: Using The Four Pillars to Create Shared Meaning
Pillar One:  Rituals for Connection
Pillar Two:  Roles
Pillar Three:  Goals
Pillar Four:  Values
Afterward:  Now What
Lecture: The Magic Six Hours
Lecture:  The Marital Pop Detector
Poop Detector Quiz
Review  The Seven Principles
Be Your Own Therapist
Lecture: Forgive Yourself
Assignment:  An Exercise in Thanksgiving
(Reminder about Follow Up Class)
Class Evaluations

Follow Up Class – (Educator’s  Manual)
Welcome & Optional Social Time
Review: The Seven Principles
Exercise 1: Seven Principles Follow-up Questionnaire
Exercise 2:  Setting Relationship Goals
Process Exercise
Review The Magic Six Hours

Dreaming together. In a dreamy setting. With the partner you love.
Dreaming together. In a dreamy setting. With the partner you love.