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Chuck has spent a lifetime getting ready for this valuable training. And has devoted hundreds of hours to present it for you.
Chuck has spent a lifetime getting ready for this valuable training. And has devoted hundreds of hours to present it for you.

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Divorce Rate Declines? Couples Discover Enhanced Admiration & Shared Meaning

Internationally acclaimed: “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” workshops – Scheduled in Greenwood SC

Dr John Gottman and Dr Julia S. Gottman have researched 40 years and over 4000 couples to discover what habits the “Masters of Relationship” hold that separate them from disasters of relationship. His research is internationally acclaimed.  Dr Penner has written a companion program of Biblical Reference Guide to the “7 Principles Program”. We will be combining these and Emotional Intelligence, researched by Daniel Goleman, in each workshop.  Fall of 2015, Chuck Taylor became a Gottman 7PP Educator, adding to his previous Strategic Intervention – Life Coaching Certification. 

The 7P program helps happy couples become closer by understanding each other’s “Love Maps”. For couples with challenges, it will enhance their skills of respecting, honoring, trusting and committing to each other. Couples taking these classes have an 87% positive rating of the skill sets practiced. Learning is accomplished through some lecture, some role play, and some private times for couples to discourse their relationship. Couples keep books, workbooks, card decks & DVD to sustain their momentum.

Chuck Taylor invites couples to pre-register with him for workshops at Piedmont Tech Conference Center, with a series of 10 classes of Sat morns, 10-12p workshops beginning Feb 6th or Thurs eves, 7-9p beginning Feb 4th. “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” is not therapy, not an open airing of individual problems. It is a chance to enhance love maps, finding that the relationship of your dreams can be consistently revitalized. And Biblical reference to the components of the principles will reinforce conviction & strength to Christian couples.

This workshop has changed lives through an entertaining environment of how the science of psychological education and Biblical principle now enhance each other to help couples live in shared meaning, rather than living parallel lives in the same home. A free 20 – 30 minute discovery session is offered, before you decide to commit to the workshops.

More info can be found at or by calling 1 864 341 4775, Chuck Taylor cell.



Divorce Rate Declines? Couples Discover Enhanced Admiration & Shared Meaning

Internationally acclaimed: “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” workshops – Scheduled in Greenwood SC

When: This valuable class experience will be held:
On 10 consecutive Saturday Morns, beginning Feb 6th    Feb/Mar/Apr 10:00am – 12:00pm, at Piedmont Tech Conference Center.   And…
On 10 consecutive Thursday evenings, beginning Feb 4th    Feb/Mar/Apr from 7:00 to 9:00pm at Piedmont Tech Conference Center.

Research confirms: When marriage partnerships are strong, they share much more experience of better health, more stable finances, and supportive unity, thereby more ability, through less personal distraction, than partners in stress or distress. They hold a better environment to pass more love and attention to themselves and to their children. Dr John Gottman has scientifically researched over 40 years, with now over 4000 couples, how couples become “Masters of Relationship” and how people become “Disasters of Relationship”. The workshops are based on his research discoveries and how any couple can enhance their marriage by application of the principles.

If you have a strong relationship, this class will provide insights and tools to make it even stronger. If your relationship feels stressed, this class will provide a roadmap for repair. One reason couples get stuck in perpetual conflict is simply that we go into marriage with virtually no training or tools to have available when the inevitable conflict comes.

“If my wife and I had known the skills available through Gottman research, the little issues that accumulated into large disruptions in our marriage would have transformed into caring, affectionate, even humorous dialog long before condemnation had chance to advance.” – Chuck Taylor.

Books and tools teach, but by themselves, are often hard to put into practice. This class combines teaching and demonstrations, with experiential one-on-one couple opportunities, where you and your partner focus on your relationship with each other. All dialogs with your partner will be in private and comfort.

Couples learn how to avert living apart, under the same roof. Intersect your parallel lives! Comments and previous workshop exit surveys show participating couples have an 87% positive rating on the workshops, and renewed romantic attraction in their lives together. Divorce rates can plummet through learning to “soft-start” comments, recognizing repair attempts, accepting the influence of your partner, and creating shared meaning. Turning toward each other with respect and admiration creates the positive atmosphere which leads to happier, healthier, marriage and children.

Dr Gottman explored: 1) What predicts marital meltdown ending in divorce? 2. Can we predict specifically who will get divorced? 3. What predicts couple’s adaptation to major life transitions, such as becoming parents? 4. What makes relationships work well? His research was multi-dimensional and extensive. Couples were interviewed at length about their history, philosophy and how they viewed their parents’ relationships. They were videotaped while talking to one another about pleasant topics as well as areas of continuing disagreement. Heart rates, blood flow velocity, sweat output, endocrine and immune function measures were obtained. Tapes were played back to the couple and they were asked for an insider’s perspective of thought or feeling when heart rate or blood pressure has suddenly surged during discussion with their partner.

One part of the research included building an apartment at the University of Washington where couples could live for 24 hours as they lived while hanging out at their home. Couples could read the paper, watch TV, listen to radio, as they ate, cleaned, and so on. Except there were 3 cameras tracking their movements, Holter monitors tracking their electro-cardio activity, and as they urinated, samples were taken to ascertain hormones such as adrenaline. At the end of the 24 hours, blood samples were taken to analyze their immune system functioning.

His thorough methods paid off as he developed the ability to predict, with over 90% accuracy, which couples would divorce, which would remain married, happily and unhappily. Gottman & research partner Levinson were able to decipher what strengthens relationships; that is, what keeps a relationship stable and vibrant in our busy, stressful times. They learned couples that stayed happily together have everyday interactions with each other that are very positive. Second, happy couples were much less negative and gentler in the ways they handle conflict. These were not just the effects of happy relationship, but the causes.

Good News: Those couples who exhibit predictors of divorce are not doomed to dissolve. The divorce predictions are for those who continue on the same path without making subtle changes. The research also shows what satisfied couples do to maintain successful relationships, and research based tools have been developed to help couples build the friendship foundation of their relationship stronger, manage conflict more productively, and create a deeper sense of shared meaning. The result of this research is the basis for Gottman’s “Sound Relationship House” theory of what it takes to make relationships successful.

We do not start lives together to become statistics. Dare to find that you can have the enduring, passionate marriage you dreamed! If you, or a couple you know, has interest in registering or finding additional information about the workshop, please contact Chuck Taylor. A free 20 – 30 minute discovery session is offered, before you decide to commit to the workshops. Learn first-hand, how your partner, and you, can emotionally thrive for the rest of your lives.

As a recognized Gottman 7 Principles Program Educator, RMI Strategic Intervention Certified Life Coach, Charles W, (Chuck) Taylor, Jr. will edify specifically, what couples who have learned to be “Masters of Marriage”, do to create a long-lasting relationship, and how you may enjoy the benefits of your stable, committed, passionate relationship. Workshops also demonstrate much of “what not to do” as a couple.

Known locally and nationally for a diverse range of business and personal ability, including speaking, and facilitating small groups, (Cultured Cowboy, WTS Marketing, Disciple Bible Studies, Purpose Driven Life, and horses), Chuck Taylor first entered the Life Coaching field with certification through EAGALA, Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association, headquartered in Utah. EAGALA is the leading international non-profit association incorporating horses to address mental health and personal development needs. From here, excited about possibilities, Chuck since documented another 4000+ hours to receive Strategic Intervention Life Coaching certification from the Robbins-Madanes Institute, and related experiential study. You may know Robbins-Madanes more through the work of Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, or Mark and Magali Peysha. Chuck has also been privileged to have been taught by the United Methodist Church. Not ordained, but certified as one of the Laity Leadership: renewed over a 14 year period, and meeting new standards. In 2015, upon attending Gottman’s workshop to lead the Seven Principles Program, Chuck became a Gottman Educator to teach their relational psychological-educational abilities, enhancing admiration between partners. Chuck received a BSBA from Lander U, and has studied online coursework with other major universities, and enjoyed classes at Piedmont Tech.

My mission as a Life Coach, is to help people discover expanding possibilities, vision with balance, and clarity in communication. You can maximizing positive living, while preparing for, even while experiencing, life’s inevitable transitions.”
“It seems most challenges in business and in family have roots in the interpersonal relationships surrounding our focus in life. If time is as valuable as it is, we should all discover how to leverage the best resources available so we can contribute all that we can, becoming all that we can, and in doing so, finding our true purpose in life.” – Chuck Taylor 

This Gottmann “7 Principles Program” is designed for all couples in a committed relationship: pre-engaged couples, pre-marital couples, everyone in committed relationship from newlyweds to senior couples; those who wish to enhance a good marriage, and those needing better conflict management tools.

By extending this offering from a usual two day weekend format, to a 10 session program, The psycho-educational methods of “Gottman 7 Principles Program”, will be enhanced with the “Biblical Reference Guide for the Gottman Method”, by David Penner, Ph.D. and “How to Make Relationships Work – A Practical Guide for Couples” by John Gottman, Ph.D. These three couples coaching programs are usually offered as three distinct workshops. However, this workshop is giving you more than you would expect, enabling you to make enhanced relationships in your family both doable and sustainable. Couples will have time to truly absorb and experience the Principles, rather than rushing through too much, too fast.

For couples wishing to extend their discovery, along with the workshops, webinars, Q&A sessions, or desiring more one-on one attention, private couples sessions as well as the website will be made available.

For More Info: Call 1 (864)341-4775 cell. Visit or Email:

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