Give the “Gift of Gottman”

Make Your Relationship your New Year’s Resolution. Treat your Valentine & yourself to a mutually wonderfully permanent “Gift of Gottman”!

This time, Your Valentines "Gift of Gottman" can last for a lifetime. And passes to your children!
This time, Your Valentines “Gift of Gottman” can last for a lifetime. And passes to your children!

The New Year is a perfect time to sit down with your partner and set some resolutions for vitalizing and improving your relationship. Make 2016 the best year yet, by attending a Gottman Seven Principles Program workshop for couples. This workshop is based on “The Sound Relationship House” resulting from 40 years of research, and over 3000 couples.

Gain insights and research based skills that can dramatically improve your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way.

Who will benefit? The workshop is designed for all couples in a committed relationship. If you have a strong relationship, this workshop will provide you with insights & tools to make it a great one. If your relationship is distressed, this program will provide a roadmap for repair.

Does it really work? These Gottman research based workshops produce positive results for 86% of those couples who attend, based on exit surveys. Favorable positive example testimonies are all over the Internet if you seek them. For Example:
Borrowed From Tony & Michelle at #staymarried :
We have featured the wisdom of Drs. John and Julie Gottman essentially since we started writing this blog two years ago. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of their work, their extensive research, and the accessible way they are helping therapists and couples understand how to create healthy relationships.

Building a Sound Relationship House is accomplished one small step after another.
Building a Sound Relationship House is accomplished one small step after another.

The entire workshop is centered around “The Sound Relationship House”. Using this as the framework, the teaching was meant to encourage us to change three things:

* Become better friends, increasing our positive feelings for one another.
* Change the way we handle conflict.
* Build a sense of shared meaning.

15 Moments from Our Gottman Workshop Weekend (Taught in detail, experientially, with role play and lecture, during the workshop.)
1 Couples who laugh together last together. Even in during disagreements relationship is strengthened.
2 Recipients of criticism & contempt have decreased immune systems. Behaviors & attitudes not only harm the marriage, but a partner’s physical health.
3 Masters of relationship know how to make repairs. They work because of time invested in emotional bank accounts.
4 Fondness & admiration are crucial. Happily give & receive worth, honor and respect.
5 We don’t know as much as we think we do about our partners. Even if we think we do. The right questioning brings more understanding.
6 Specific appreciation goes a long way. Finding positive adjectives to describe your partner makes huge deposits in your emotional bank account.
7 Be your partner’s best friend. Don’t side with the enemy. Keep external stresses from harming your relationship. Learn stress relieving conversations.
8 Partners that talk about sex have better sex. Touch, friendship and relaxing priority make the difference.
9 It is very American to view conflict as a symptom of a bad relationship. It is not. Learn to make conflict constructive, understanding your partner better. Receive each other with tenderness.
10 The best thing to do during a heated fight is to take a 20 minute break. Because of physiological changes during heated debate, your body, protecting itself with adrenaline will prevent you from thoughtful resolution. Take a break, self-soothe, and return to readdress the problem.
11 Make “I” statements, instead of “You” statements. Listen to your partner’s perspective. Without first finding solution. Talk from your perspective without using “blaming” language. Validate without defensiveness. Learn to use language that takes ownership.
12 Be OK with good enough. Perfection , even in communication is not the goal. Live and move forward! Masters of relationship are not always masters of communication, or experts of many sorts. Masters find workable relationship subtleties. Better to know to show appreciation and care about your partner.
13 Perpetual problems in a relationship usually cannot be solved. The goal then, is understanding that we didn’t marry a person as perfect as we are. All couples have differences. If married to someone else certain problems might differ, but still exist. Rely on your ways of soothing reassurance.
14 John Gottman is a feminist. “Being the father of a daughter, I am an ardent feminist.” – Dr John Gottman. Honor each other’s dreams, ambitions and goals. We are in a cultural shift toward the better, in the treatment , respect and dreams of women. And we must do this, still honoring the men.
15 Listening is sexy. “Every positive thing you do in your relationship, is foreplay.” – Dr John Gottman. Turn toward each other, not away. Listen to your partner, and show appreciation. Set the tone for warmth in these manners. Warmth sets the tone for a great sex life, long-lasting friendship, and creating shared meaning & value in your relationship.

** “Thanks & a hat tip” to #staymarried blog site. Michelle would appreciate your visits and comments. I could hardly sum it as well, and I only touched her highlights. ** This very brief summation of a Gottman workshop is typical of the appreciation & education you can expect. Words here however, cannot show the emotional gain, understanding, and revolution which can be between partners from attending. And attending Gottmann “7 Principles for Married Couples” in person, will make your future relations with partner, even children, and coworkers, have greater meaning.

Experience this yourself! Call 1 864 341-4775 for more details on coming workshops in SC areas. Or how a more “privately customized” couple’s Gottman proven psycho-education can help your relationship.

Workbooks for each partner so each can journal thoughts, and share as you prefer.
All the materials you need are included with the workshop.

You may have children, parents, close friends, or a partnership that could use this beneficial program. Cool thing is that most of the learning can be used in most relationships, whether personal or professional. For less than the cost of counseling, you can enrich lives. As little as $495.00 can give a couple a lifetime investment in themselves.