What is Your Source for Experiencing Your Personal Best?

Life is better when we take many small achievable steps to live toward worthwhile goals.
Life is better when we take many small achievable steps to live toward worthwhile goals.

If you take just a short time of reflection, you will find some accomplishments that portray your greatness. How do we become great? Compounding repetition and practice, combined with a strong reason of “why” we do this, make your potential for greatness. In greatness, you perform in an unconsciously competent state.This is like driving your car. You sometimes hop in and reach a destination; then you can’t remember driving there. You have repeated the skills ands the patterns and the routes until your unconscious mind puts them into competent “automatic pilot”. This is why you can concentrate on your music, and not worry about (usually not worry about), missing a turn, or a stop sign coming.

Things are mostly steady, like the waves pictured above. You are a master craftsman at certain relationships, at certain duties, in certain environments.

Yet, how do we respond when our environment shifts? Might be unexpected resistance in a relationship. Might be shifts in a marketplace. Might be a change, a transfer, a break from your normal. Can you take the strengths you have and apply them to the new circumstance?

Or is it time to readjust, re-tool, or look to different growth potentials.  Have you plateaued because the market is developing, as CD’s killed the vinyl record business?  Or have you plateaued because your leadership is reaching a “Peter Principle”?

In other words, have you reached a place of becoming stuck. You feel in your gut that growth is on the verge of challenge. You feel, you see, that the work atmosphere is also causing your home life to suffer.  You know there are priorities you must relinquish because the past is holding your present from a secure future.

We have all been here at some level. How did you break through the past times? Can your previous experiences gain control of these circumstances? Is it time to bring in fresh outlooks?

Milton Erickson, renowned Psychologist, believed that most people hold the answers to our challenges within. I agree. If we could properly appraise our conscious thoughts, we would know which directions and the kinds of help to seek for solutions.

There are parts of any ongoing business, of any ongoing relationship, that have strengths upon which to build. And, there are always areas that could be improved. There should always be contemplation with ongoing education.

Just when we think we are driving a straight road, some incident reminds us that we sometimes think we are better than we are doing.

Proverbs, in our Old Testament, tells us that there is wisdom in seeking wisdom.

I watched one very strong man surround himself with people who would never dispute his opinion, never challenge his direction, seldom offer a point of view that would not be popular with the leadership. Because he surrounded himself with only “yes” men, he never progressed to his fullest capabilities.

Another person had a pleasing leadership style that would be great as a customer service rep, but he had disabling difficulty with other key decisions. The opinion and direction changed with almost every suggestion.

How are you growing these days? Do you have a “why” that guides you? Do you measure today’s meaning against yesterday’s potentials? What are we doing to prepare an 18 month plan? It seems a 5 year plan taught to me in college is bogging down the speed with which we must act, in this time of information overflow, changing markets, and time constraints.

How about tossing some opinion?

Thanks,  ChuckyT

PS: As I move from unconsciously incompetent to consciously incompetent, to consciously competent, please bear with me. I have built many websites, but this is my first time with WordPress, and with sites that properly change shape along with your mobile device, desktop or tablet.  I really have a learning curve!  Wooooeeeeyy. Am I learning to take my own advice?   Thank you to both Katrinah at 77webstudio, and Ellyn Reeder.

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